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Chinese Kungfu Town

Many foreigners love Chinese martial arts culture, but there has always been a lack of systematic and comprehensive introduction. This “Chinese Kungfu Town”, to be staged at the Piazza, aims to provide a one-stop location that can draw all Chinese Kungfu lovers from the mainland and all over the world to see for themselves the development process of the local martial arts culture, and to appreciate our superb Chinese culture. This will also be a very good opportunity for cultural exchanges.  Hong Kong locals can likewise learn more about local culture and excellent Chinese culture, thereby enhancing cultural confidence and national pride.

Starting from the Clock Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui with a total length of nearly 80m, the Kungfu Town will be constructed as a “Chinese-style” street with distinctive screens and Chinese-style archways at each end.  That Chinese martial arts is so widely known to people at home and abroad has much to do with the popularity of Hong Kong Kungfu movies and TV series.  Our design is to let people begin their journey in the Kungfu Town with stunning exhibits of Hong Kong martial arts films posters, followed by stories about various Hong Kong martial arts cultures and their heritage.   With graphic designs and text introductions, everyone strolling in the Kungfu Town will immerse themselves in the charm and richness of Chinese Kungfu culture.

Kungfu masters from various schools will be at the Kungfu Town to explain the unique characteristics of their schools and martial arts culture, helping locals and tourists to understand the contribution of Hong Kong’s martial arts community to cultural heritage that:  Hong Kong is not only an international financial centre, but also a centre for cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world.  In the last century, our martial arts predecessors have made tremendous efforts to promote the traditional martial arts culture in Hong Kong, which they then spread onto the various parts of the world, thereby attracting many foreigners to come to Hong Kong for learning and exchange.   Hong Kong definitely is a very important catalyst for Chinese martial arts to go abroad.