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Thousand-Person Martial Arts Performance

For three consecutive mornings, a spectacular “Thousand-person Martial Arts Performance” will be held as the opening ceremony of each day for the “Chinese Kungfu x Dance Carnival”. 

This awe-inspiring spectacle, which will encompass three distinct themes, signifies a pioneering milestone in the Hong Kong martial arts community. The first day will showcase martial arts exercises, the second day will highlight the art of nunchaku, and the third day will feature Tai Chi.

The event will be held at the Piazza of the Hong Kong Cultural Center, spanning from the connecting corridors and a semi-circle linking Areas A and B, as well as the Area C.   The martial arts and nunchaku performers are all local young students in Hong Kong, while the Tai Chi practitioners are from all walks of life with various backgrounds and age groups.



Thousand-Person Martial Arts Performance

Performers from HK :
Healthy, confident and energetic spirit of Hong Kong’s new generation


Thousand-Person Nunchaku Performance

Performers from HK :
Courage to pioneer and strive hard


Thousand-Person Tai Chi Performance

Performers from HK :
Youths and adults
Showcase Chinese wisdom to the world, the pursuit of intricate balance of strength and softness, and the treasure of the Tai Chi culture that values social harmony and inclusiveness.